If you want your company to thrive and your employees to do their best, provide them with a clean and organised work environment. This is precisely why we offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio of reliable cleaning services, ensuring quality you can depend on. With our cleaning services, your offices and other spaces will always stay clean and help keep your employees satisfied.

Comprehensive cleaning services

Our cleaning services primarily prioritise the following spaces

Administrative areas
(offices and common spaces)

We are one of the market leaders in office cleaning, offering high-value services

Industrial objects
(manufacturing plants, warehouses) 

We excel in professional cleaning and maintenance services for industrial objects, including technological equipment and structures, as well as industrial and chemical cleaning

Laboratories and medical facilities

Certified cleaning services where we prioritise sterile surfaces using specialised methods and tools

Why choose Bavaris?

Bavaris Facility Services is a reliable partner
that provides soft facility services.

Bavaris služby Professional and custom-tailored care
Bavaris služby Comprehensive service portfolio
Bavaris služby One contact person
Bavaris služby Remarkable quality-to-cost ratio
Bavaris služby Uninterrupted 24/7 services
Bavaris služby Regular quality control
Bavaris služby Professionally trained personnel
Bavaris služby ISO certificates (90001, 14001, 18001, 27001)
Bavaris služby Eco-friendly hygiene materials
Bavaris služby Biodegradable and certified cleaning products
Bavaris služby Insurance coverage

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