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Cleaning Services

The basis of a pleasant and productive work environment is its cleanliness. We, therefore, offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio of cleaning services, the quality of which they can always rely on.

Cleaning Services:

  • regular cleaning (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • regular cleaning of residential and non-residential premises
  • regular cleaning of administrative premises
  • regular cleaning of industrial facilities, including the cleaning of technological equipment and structures
  • complete floor maintenance of all types of surfaces
  • industrial chemical cleaning
  • cleaning of windows and glass surfaces
  • wet cleaning of carpets, armchairs, and chairs (using Kärcher technology)
  • comprehensive cleaning after painting and building works before handing over the premises.

Bavaris Individual Approach:

  • we will provide you with an accurate work plan and calculation based on consultation and through analysis
  • we will train a specific team of employees and a manager who will organise and control the work performed
  • the manager is always immediately available to you in order to solve along with him/her any operational changes
  • we provide not only cleaning but also a comprehensive service, including cleaning equipment and detergents
  • our cleaning staff place an emphasis on the efficiency and quality of work performed


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